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Institute of the Humanities & Global Cultures (IHGC)


The Institute of the Humanities & Global Cultures (IHGC) offers a vision at
once local and global, and a mission both academic and socially engaged. 



Amitav Ghosh

A Conversation on The Great Derangement


Global Map

Global South Initiative

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded the University of Virginia $3.47 million to launch a major
humanities initiative dedicated to the study of the Global South. The College and Graduate School of Arts &
 has matched the grant, making the initial five-year investment to launch the initiative about $7 million.


Asian Cosmopolitanisms

Asian Cosmopolitanisms

A new IHGC lab on Asian Cosmopolitanisms aiming to reconceptualize the study of Asia
across the disciplines of the humanities and interpretive social sciences.

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Alexander Galloway

IHGC Spring Distinguished Visiting Speaker
"The Concept of the Digital"
March 18, 2019 | Wilson Hall 142 | 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM


Achille Mbembe

Achille Mbembe Lecture

"Negative Messianism in the Age of Animism" | September 18, 2017


Lisa Parks banner

Lisa Parks

IHGC Fall Distinguished Visiting Speaker
“Vertical Mediation and the War on Terror from 9/11 to Trump”
Wilson Hall 142 | 4:30 - 6:00 pm


Puzzle Poetry

Puzzle Poesis

UVa's Puzzle Poetry working group was launched in the fall of 2017 by Neal Curtis and
Brad Pasanek as an experimental and collaborative endeavor. The group seeks to treat
poems as puzzles, isolate the substance of prosody, and apprehend shape as a medium. 
They are makers, coders, and subformalists. 

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Humanities Informatics

Consortium of Humanities Centers & Institutes 2018 Annual Meeting | June 13-17, 2018
A conference on Humanities Informatics showcasing the power of the humanities
to address the urgent questions about the ‘human’ in our information age.


News & Announcements

Mon Sep 23
9:00 am | Newcomb Hall
Bridging Science, Art, and Community in the New Arctic

Bridging Science, Art, and Community in the New Arctic

Mon Sep 23

Mellon Global South Initiative

Mellon Global South Initiative

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded the University of Virginia $3.47 million to launch a major humanities initiative dedicated to the study of the Global South. The College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences will match the grant, making the initial five-year investment to launch the initiative about $7 million.

Clay Endowments & Grants

Clay Endowments & Grants

The Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures (IHGC) invites proposals for funding from the Buckner W. Clay Endowment to support innovative work in the global humanities at the University of Virginia. The Endowment provides an ambitious basis of support for faculty and student research and teaching to be conducted under the auspices of the IHGC. Faculty and students from across all schools and disciplines at the university are welcome and encouraged to apply. 

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Summer School in Global Studies and Critical Theory

The Academy of Global Humanities and Critical Theory is a new research entity jointly promoted by the University of Virginia, Duke University and the University of Bologna. It is conceived as an intellectual space for scholars coming from different research fields and geographical regions to work together on the redefinition of the humanities in a global age.

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Jarrett Zigon. "Moral-Political Subjectivity in the Global HIV/AIDS Pandemic"

Project Summary: Throughout the course of the year I would like to ask the following question: what kinds of politico-moral persons are constituted in institutional contexts that combine human rights and personal responsibility approaches to health, and how these kinds of subjectivities relate to local, national, and global forms of the politico-moral represented in health policies?...

Map of Afghanistan during the Safavid and Moghul Empires

Project Summary: My current research project explores the fashioning of a cosmopolitan Persian Indian intellectual culture in early modern South Asia at the hands of the Mughal Empire (r. 1526-1857). Specifically, this project focuses upon the particular phenomenon of "translation," both of texts and of broader religio-cultural worlds. The Mughal court devoted considerable resources...


Project Summary: This project will examine the reception of thermodynamics within the media theory and practice of the 1920s German avant-garde. In the nineteenth century, the science of thermodynamics placed energy, rather than matter, at the center of a new understanding of the physical universe. As the quintessential science of the industrial revolution, thermodynamics was...

Bird's eye view of Manila

Project Summary:  Following on the heels of my newest book, which explores the form and function of the Pacific Rim in the early modern Spanish geopolitical imagination, The Boxer Codex: Frameworks for Analysis studies cultural contact between Asians and Europeans in early colonial Manila. The Boxer Codex is a lengthy manuscript describing the peoples of East and Southeast...

Matthew Hedstrom, "Religion of Humanity: Spirituality, Politics and the United Nations"

Project Summary:  My year as a Mellon Fellow will support work on a book in progress, called The Religion of Humanity: Spirituality, Politics, and the United NationsThe Religion of Humanity explores the religious history of world government, going back into the nineteenth century and forward to the late twentieth, though centrally concerned with the UN and its...

Fractal Wallpaper

Project Summary:  The Internet once promised the free and open flow of data across borders, but the demands of national sovereignty are increasingly limiting the movement of data between countries. Nowhere is the tension between the free movement and the regulation of data flows more significant than in the Sino-US relationship. Through analyses of corporate case studies, Chinese data...

Jennifer Rubenstein, "The Politics of Emergency Claim-Making and it Alternatives"

Project Summary: The contemporary world is rife with what might be called “emergency claim-making.” Public officials, journalists, scientists, citizen activist groups and others claim that particular situations are emergencies. In so doing, they seek to direct attention and resources to particular groups or issues, justify exceptions to normal rules and procedures, and/or...

35mm Film Grain

Project Summary:  I plan to spend my fellowship year developing my second major research project, whose working title is South by South / West Asia: Transregional Cartographies of Cinematic Action Genres. This project arises out of my broader interests in histories of “world cinema” along South-South axes, namely Middle East - South Asia circulation histories of...